The First K-12 Science Curricula

Transform science learning into NGSS curricular in 3D! 
Lifeliqe digital curriculum includes over 1,300 3D and Augmented Reality models and over 700 lesson plans for STEM.

It’s aligned to Next Generation Science Standards(NGSS) and Common Core State Standards and correlated to U.S.’ major science textbooks.
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Engage students with the latest technology!

Visual, hands-on, and exciting experiences spark lightbulb moments in students, inspire their curiosity and create passion for learning.

Mastering difficult STEM concepts has never been easier!
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Science K-12 curricula that excites students with interactive 3D content on all kinds of classroom devices!​​

  1. Life Science
    Human Biology, Animal Biology, Plant Biology, Paleontology
  2. Mathemathics
  3. Earth & Space Sciences
    Geology, Astronomy
  4. Physical Science
    Chemistry, Physics
  5. Social Science

Proven by schools, inspired by educators, loved by students!

"This app makes Science REAL to students. It brings drawings and diagrams to life."
- Shelley, Middle School Student, USA
Studies show that using interactive 3D is more effective than traditional teaching resources.
"I've never seen a 3D animation with so much realism and practical application for today's classrooms. So user-friendly for both teachers and students."
- Dan Philips, Special Needs Teacher, Technology Resource Center of Marin Country, USA
Find how Lifeliqe impacts schools
  1. students improved their test scores
  2. students got more engaged in lessons
  3. students understood more difficult topics better
  4. students felt more excited about learning
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Lifeliqe core product designed for teaching STEM subjects in any K-12 classroom on the most commonly used devices: Chromebooks, PC's, laptops, tablets or interactive whiteboards.
Lifeliqe VR Museum

With the latest computer graphics and running on HTC Vive, Lifeliqe VR Museum allows students to understand complex science concepts and make the learning process of STEM subjects more effective.
Lifeliqe HoloLens

Holographic 3D models allow students to examine science concepts as if they were present in the classroom. With the mixed reality app offers a great extension to the Lifeliqe app with the curricula. 
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