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Leading industrial innovation platform and solutions.​​​
About PTC
"Twice before over the past 50 years, inform​ation technology radically reshaped competition and strategy; the Internet of Things, or IoT, is the third wave of IT-driven competition"

Prof. Michael Porter & Jim Heppelmann,
Harvard Business Review
PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) is a global software company that delivers a technology platform and solutions to help companies design, manufacture, operate, and service things for a smart, connected world.
Since 1985, PTC has been enabling customers to stay one step ahead of the competition by combining their strategic vision with leading, field proven technology. PTC technology helps companies to quickly unlock the value now being created at the convergence of the physical and digital worlds through the IoT, AR, 3D Printing, Digital Twin, and Industrie 4.0. With PTC, global manufacturers and an ecosystem of partners and developers can capitalize on this promise of physical digital convergence today and drive the future of innovation.

Source: PTC

PTC Solutions

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
The industry standard for product design and development software for parametric modeling, simulation/analysis, and product documentation.
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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Keep up with product complexity and the pace of IoT innovation.
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Smart Manufacturing / Industrie 4.0 
Continuously improve your operational performance and flexibility through digital manufacturing, real-time intelligence and predictive analytics.
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Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)
Maximize service efficiency and increase customer success with PTC's SLM software solutions.
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Internet of Things (IoT)
Industry-leading industrial innovation platform that is designed to rapidly deliver IIoT applications and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences that unlock the value of the converged digital and physical world.
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Augmented Reality (AR)
Empowers innovators and developers to build immersive experiences that tranform the way users create, operate and service products in the smart, connected world.
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