SOLO 3D Printer

Build with Simplicity, Reability, and Accuracy
  1. Plug-and-Play
    No complex setup is needed, just plug in the adapter, insert the SD-card, and start your printing right away.
  2. Simple, Sturdy and Robust
    Simple design with sturdy and robust frame for better printing and less vibration.
  3. User-Friendly
    Comes with jog dial controller and LCD display for convenient adjustment of functions like temperature, speed, pause and other.
  4. Affordable Price
    S-3D Desktop 3D Printer is accessible and affordable to schools or individual users. Made in Malaysia with the experienced local technical support team.


​​Power Consumption
Print Type
Print Volume
Nozzle Diamenter
Filament Diameter

Nozzle Temperature
Nozzle Heated Time
Layer Resolution
Leveling System
Build Platform
Cooling System
Filament Materials
Compatible Software
Operating Systems
File Format​
​​380mm x 420mm x 450mm
Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
220mm x 220mm x 240mm
0.2 - 1.0mm (default 0.4mm)

180 - 260oC
Approx. 2 min
0.06mm (may print at higher resolution

4 easy calibration points
Heat Bed / Tempered Glass (Up to 110​oC)
Single Extruder
Fan air System
Cura / Slic3r / Simplify3D
Windows / Mac OS
G-code, stl, obj
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  1. Education
    3D printer is being used in all the diverse sectors of STEAM education, from science, technology and art, to engineering and math, making educations more comprehensive and fun.
  2. Architecture
    3D Printing can replace traditional production for prototype model made from Styrofoam or Form board.
  3. Industry
    With breakthroughs in rapid prototyping for small and medium companies, product development time and cost can be dramatically reduced.
  4. Medical
    3D printing allows for the individualized customization of patient care products for those people that really do need custom-made items the most.
  5. Hobby
    With a 3D printer, you can print, daily supplies, toys, home fix-it items, almost everything. Use your imagination and see where it can take you.
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